Martyrs of Malatya by: James Wright

Martyrs of MalatyaMartyrs of Malatya by James Wright
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The violent and untimely death of good people always raises the puzzling issue of how an all-powerful, perfectly just and fully loving God can allow such evil to continue unchecked. Was his arm too short to reach into Malatya? Is it too weak to open the eyes of Muslims to understand true nature and purpose of Jesus? To ask such questions must always lead back to the person of Jesus himself, the incarnation of that same all-powerful, perfectly just and fully loving God whom we question. God himself was brutally tortured and killed. Through Jesus, God did not only enter fully into the suffering of humanity, he upended a hopeless situation. … Turning it around completely….Turning it into a victory. Their lives were not a waste and they will bring more to faith in Jesus Christ through their deaths than they did in life.

I don’t know about you, but I question my faith all the time. I am learning to question my faith takes my eyes off the object of my faith and puts it back on me. What kind of faith does it take to die for? I do know that if I truly live out my faith, I will be able to die for my faith.

The account of three faithful men of God, Necati Aydin, Uger Yusel and Tilmann Geske were different men from different cultures and backgrounds. However, they came together for the Gospel of Christ.

As you read you will learn how they came together and how they came to the faith. I found it interesting that coming from a Muslim faith the obstacles of lies that are believed of the Christian faith and of Jesus has blinded so many Muslims. How each man’s heart broke for the people of Turkey. What motivated each man to literally give their lives to the people of Turkey? They realized that it would take a sacrificial type love for the people to open their eyes to the love of God.

This account will open any Christian eyes to the love that must displayed for the work of the Gospel.

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