Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare by Tony Evans

Prayers for Victory in Spiritual WarfarePrayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare by Tony Evans
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Prayer is how you get dressed for warfare. Prayer is how you put on the armor. Prayer is defined as a relational communication with God. It is earthly permission for heavenly interference. The reason why prayer often seems difficult to us is because Satan seeks to direct us away from it. He knows how important it is. He knows it activates heaven’s response on your behalf.

I am a great admirer of Tony Evans. He is man of faith with a strong conviction. I most admire his commitment to his family as a husband and as a father. The leadership he gives his family is one that any church would be blessed to have. He is not a name it claim it teacher however, he does believe we have victory in Christ and it is through prayer and applying the scripture of putting on the armor of God that we can have this victory. It does not mean our circumstances will change but it does mean that we will see the Glory of God worked out in those circumstances. We can have courage and hold fast to the truth of God.

Thirty days of prayer of finding victory in the hindrances of faith and the weakness of the flesh this leads to self-centeredness and many times to broken relationships. From our marriage, family, relationships, fears and anxiety, past failures, strongholds, and many more, we pray the armor of God for the belt of truth that we would accept internally and then act on externally. The Breastplate of Righteousness that we walk securely in our imputed righteousness by virtue of the cross and feeding on the word of God. The Shoes of Peace aligns our hearts under the lordship of Christ. The Shield of Faith where our action is tied to our faith in response to revealed truth. The Helmut of Salvation is bringing our thoughts in alignment with our new identity in Christ. The Sword of the Spirit is applying the word of God to replace lies with truth.

At the end of each chapter you are given an example of untruth and a truth that references scripture. Example: Untruth: My mate, co-worker, family member is my enemy. Truth: “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Some of my favorites quotes.

Satan wants you to do what Eve did in the garden-dismiss the value of what you have been given to enjoy while fixating on what you don’t have. He wants you to forget God’s many blessings and to focus instead on what you think you lack.

I am not fighting for victory, Lord, I am fighting from victory.

Satan knows that if he can influence your mind, he can dictate your actions. To wage victorious warfare in heavenly places, you must set your mind on Christ and His truth.

In letting go of my anger, I accept your peace.

A devotion not to be just read but also applied as we put on the armor of God to deepen our relationship with our Father in heaven.

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