The Virgin’s Daughter (Tudor Legacy#1) by: Laura Andersen

The Virgin's Daughter (Tudor Legacy #1)The Virgin’s Daughter by Laura Andersen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The problem with conspiracy, it so easily twists back on itself….On such personal matters as marriage and children do kingdoms rest

I think I just found my favorite heroine in this historical fiction of intrigue, love, where religion becomes political unrest, and where loyalty over comes deceit. Set in the late 1500 in the rule of Queen Elizabeth and the exile and imprisonment of her cousin Mary, Queen Elizabeth advisors have their suspicions of a plot to unseat the Queen and put Mary in her place of rule of England with the Catholic church supporting her. The plot is only known as the Nightingale Plot. Who is behind the plot and what lengths will come to bring down Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth does not just trust anyone for this delicate job that could mean life or death for her and the break down for her beloved country England. The Courtenay family has been long time loyal friends of the queens. Minuette, beautiful and longtime friend now married to Dominic, who has 4 grown children loyal to the rule of Elizabeth. Elizabeth recruits the eldest daughter Lucette.

Lucette is an independent thinker. She guards her emotions in order to come up with conclusions that are not ruled by her heart. She has an iron sense of right and wrong but is finding out her world is not so black and white. Because of her canny mathematician mind, she is well suited for the mission before her. With the invitation of her long time French friend Charlotte LeClerc to meet her brothers Nicholas and Julien for a possible marriage arrangement, she will have the cover of she needs to discover who is behind the Nightingale Plot. Will her heart be brave for what she discovers about herself and who is behind the plot?

The language of this historical fiction was beautiful and captivating. Having read several historical fictions of this time period, I would have to say this gave me a greater understanding of the religious and political unrest of that time. I also appreciated how sensual this read was without the vulgarity that is so prevalent in many books today. It really speaks of what a good writer can accomplish without the shock value of smut and create something so beautiful and tantalizing. I loved it.

A Special Thank you Ballantine Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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