Finding Joy in Family

This is my way to remember and reflect on important significant times that make life joyful and worth living.  Family is one that I want to savor.  My husband and I have not taken the yearly  family vacation that so many families do world wide to refresh, get to know each other, and slow down and remember the reason why we do the 24/7 routine of work, home, school, and for some church.



Our children now are married and we were  surprised by our oldest that we will be grandparents.  I am so excited for us but also for my daughter.  When she looks into those baby eyes, she will fall madly in love instantly.  She will see hope for the world and want a better world because of it.    Babies are a blessing from God, they are hard work but the pain of child rearing has eternal returns that far none than what the world says about children today.





We all need to love and find joy in a child, the best loved child is one that is enjoyed.




That is want I got to do with my grown up children in our family trip to Minnesota.





We rented a house on the peninsula of Turtle Lake near Bemidji and enjoyed the loons calling our family, and marveled as Eagles soared over the lake,  feeding the humming birds, eat the fish that we caught, and played games.



The house we stayed at was beautiful.  With views to take your breath away, the silence of nature, and the company of family, it was a peaceful time full of hope.




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