Marie Durand by: Simonetta Carr

Marie DurandMarie Durand by Simonetta Carr
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I will not reject a mystery for the only reason that it cannot be understood.. Paul Rabaut . Marie Durant biography reflects these very words.

A lovely bound book on the life of Marie Durand during conflict of the Protestant and Roman Catholic Church. In Europe during the 1700’s, many thought it would be easier to have just one religion and by the Rule of Monarchy, Catholicism was the rule. Many suffered during this time including Durand’s family. Durand’s family practiced the Protestant faith and held to its teaching.

You will discover with drawings, pictures of places such as the prison where Marie was imprisoned for 38 years, maps, and timelines that will take you back in time as those who struggled to keep their faith. What kind of woman was Marie Durand that she took opportunities in prison to teach others about the love of God while being in the worst of circumstances?

With letters from Marie to her niece and what history has taught, Simonetta Carr is able to give a clear picture that is family friendly of this most courageous woman of God.

Biographies are a great tool to teach our families about faith and how we can live in light of God’s word. This is one great tool.

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