The Action Bible Study Bible ESV by David C. Cook

The Action Bible Study Bible ESVThe Action Bible Study Bible ESV by David C. Cook
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Selecting a bible for our children or any child is the first step to love a child well. You want to select a bible that will encourage them to read it, walk in the word and know the love of God and His plan for redemption. This bible does all that! Not only for children but for anyone that struggles to get into their bible. Using graphic pictures and context helps a child to connect to God’s plan. Not only knowing that God loves them but his purpose for redemption.

Each book of the bible begins with a summary of what God is doing and who wrote the book. This helps prepare the reader’s heart to receive God’s word. People in Action depict the main players and faith in action with key words that describe what faith in action looks like. Did you Know? Gives a great insight i.e. –the 10 plagues in Exodus targeted different Egyptian Gods. About worship and how Jesus came to fulfill the law.

Ancient Archives bring brings the word into context. Helping the reader understand the culture of the times and what it can mean for us today.

Guess it is a fun way to challenge your knowledge of the word. Asking several questions with the same answer helps bring the word to a different level for one that seeks to God.

What About This? Is a question that we may ask God that can trouble our faith or a question that is a desire to understand God’s ways.

Unlock it takes a verse and goes deeper that unlocks truth that exposes God’s character and attributes.

Remember it is a verse that is key and a great word to memorize.

Activate . From the mundane to the extraordinary, application of scripture as we walk with God, everything matters along with the condition of our hearts it all matter to God.
How do we respond to others? How do we respond to the character of God and His ways?
Using our culture, just as Jesus used parables, we are given insight how God is involved in our everyday! Activate is engaging part of daily bible reading.

I am grateful to David C. Cook Publishing. They have solid Christian books to encourage God’s people to know him in truth and spirit.

A Special Thank you to David C Cook and Netgalley for ARC copy and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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