A Good Killing (Anna Curtis, #4) by: Allison Leotta

A Good Killing (Anna Curtis, #4)A Good Killing by Allison Leotta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How many times do you have to try the system before it works? If the system does not put the garbage out, when do you have to put it out and get rid of it once in for all. For justice to be served, the crime must be acknowledged and paid for in full.

Did not realize that this title was part of a series, but no worries, it stands alone quite nicely and have put the other titles on my to-read shelf. The only dissatisfaction I had while reading was my kindle died and I had only several pages left. Oh Snap! Did a Best Buy run and got a fast charger so I can get on track. It was a good satisfying read. It had the contrasting well developed characters and a well-developed plot that is so speaks to our culture today.

The main protagonist Anna Curtis is a prosecuting attorney who received a call from home that her younger sister was in trouble. Her sister Jody is accused of murder of a well- loved football coach that has brought fame and fortune to their small town in Michigan. Anna takes a whole new role of defense lawyer however; her sister is not the most cooperative client. What is she hiding and why?

The narrative is told by Anna and her sister Jody. As the case progresses, you hear the awful truth in Jody’s voice how the monster that destroyed not only her life but the life of many others and how the silence will only fed the beast.

I have to say that there few f-bombs but it did not take away from the plot or from the edge of my seat in anticipation.

A Special Thank You to Touchstone and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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