Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World through Everyday People by: Warren Cole Smith

Restoring All Things: God's Audacious Plan to Change the World through Everyday PeopleRestoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World through Everyday People by Warren Cole Smith
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We need to stop asking people to memorize pi to the 10th decimal point and start telling them stories that in the end will allow them to see the world more like it really is. We need to get better at telling stories if we want our message to be heard. The strategy of this book is to tell stories. As we learn of the great work God is doing through His people in the world, not only will we be inspired to embrace the redemptive responsibility the church as in the world, we will be inspired to join in. And as well tell these stories to others, we may find a lost world regaining familiarity with the truths of Christianity, and more importantly, being drawn to Christ, the Storyteller they need to know.

Restoration is about stories and they make the best type of stories. I have been redeemed and you can too! We are broken and our world shows it. How do we share the restoration of the Lord? We come along side and share the hope of restoration.

Each of the following 15 chapters shares a story and application to be a part of the story.

1.) Great News-The church is alive and well and is at work in the world.
2.) Helping That Helps-Not all help is helpful and the Christian Church has learned much it can teach the world about caring for the poor.
3.) Capitalism for the Common Good-God is worker, and we are created in His image. Therefore our work, when rightly understood and engaged , can bring good to the world.
4.) This will Stop in Our Lifetime. –Christians across America and around the world have heroically saved babies and helped women by offering compassionate alternatives to abortion.
5.) Women at the Well-Christians have led the way in rescuing women and girls from prostitution and human trafficking.
6.) Coloring Outside the Lines-Throughout history, Christians have championed education and education reform.
7.) Justice That Restores-Societies struggle with how to handle those convicted of crime. Christians are leading in returning restored citizens to our communities.
8.) Forgiveness Heals, Time Doesn’t-Radical Reconciliation must be more than a buzz phrase. Many churches are taking it seriously and offering strategies for healing and progress.
9.) Loving God with All Your Mind-Confronting ideological intolerance, Christian professors are refusing to choose between their faith and their scholarship.
10.) It Does’nt Define You-Christians are living proof that one’s sexuality isn’t their deepest identity.
11.) Not the Least of These-Through a heroic perservance and strong faith, Christians can show the world how to handle suffering and disability.
12.) Giving Marriage to the World, Once Again.-Christians are, once again offering the good gift of marriage as a healing institution to a sexually exhausted culture.
13.) Suffer the Little Children-Christians have proclaimed the dignity of all life by taking seriously the exhortation in James to care for orphans.
14.) In the Beginning, God Created-God is creator and we are made to create too.
15.) The Authors personal stories.

If restoration pulls at your heart, you will be encouraged by the stories and the progress that is being made in the name of Christ. We can pit truth against Grace and we can pit Grace against Truth however, when we have the balance of both, we can have the Gospel of restoration. Salvation at its core is restoration. Where justice and mercy meet and love over flows. Where there is more of Christ and less of me with my insecurities that I am found secure in Christ.

A Special Thank you to Baker Books and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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