Living Without Worry by: Timothy Lane

Living without worryLiving without worry by Timothy S. Lane
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Worry is the attempt to live in two kingdoms simultaneously and serve two masters at the same time.

What is worry? Do we use it as a coping mechanism? Worry is something that we all do. In reading this study you will find yourself and identify the triggers of what makes you worry and lose hope. There are at times when worry can be paralyzing at the worst and or a habit of wanting to control our life and others at the worst again. There is no good in worrying. However, worry is an indicator that something is not right. Our worry at many times is our lack of control. We can’t help but worry because nothing in creation lasts and nothing in creation has everything under control. The world lacks the stability you need to be worry free. (Kindle location 239). Is our act of worry because our lack of hope? This makes sense to me and gives direction. Hope is not passive because every decision I make is based on hope for tomorrow.

Overcoming our tendency to worry is not positive thinking, or our circumstances, but our relationship to Christ. Worry tells us something is wrong. When we worry, it could be that we believe a lie. When we worry, it could be not knowing the unknown. When we lose a job or a loved one, there is an unknown factor that brings fear and worry. Worry is a response that needs to be brought to Christ. To remind us of the promises of Christ and his redemption and our relationship that we are called his brother and friend.

This is not another book that beats you down because you worry but because we worry and this world is not our home, it encourages you with the truth of the why we worry, and what we can do with that worry. There is hope !

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