Pray Like This: Our Father

Jesus came from the other side of silence to rescue us and brings us to the loving Father. What is our reason for our lack of prayer? Is it the fear of silence? What is our deepest fear?

God does not need us to impress him with our prayers. His desire is for our good. A broken and humble heart makes room for intimacy with the Father. It is in prayer we can know Him. It is in prayer, our Father takes us to rest. A loving Father seeks us out and we respond in prayer. Here am I Lord! The Lord’s Prayer is an invitation. Our Father Who art in Heaven Hallowed be your Name.

It is in the Lord ’s Prayer we have our identity. We have a responsibility to serve his agenda and where his passions become our passions. When we know him truly as our Father…We make his name great! My father is better than all that there is!

The greatness of His name is not debated but declared. His name is treasured not hated. The greatness of his Name is a call for us to awaken our hearts. God’s greatness makes us whole and complete. It is by knowing the greatness of God, we are done impressing. Prayer than becomes a privilege not a chore. Not a discipline to be mastered by an invitation to be enjoyed.

Seeing ever more of him and ever less of me. This is victory.


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