Then Sings My Soul by: Amy K. Sorrells

Then Sings My SoulThen Sings My Soul by Amy K. Sorrells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loving Catherine had shaped him. Broken him, yes, but in ways that helped him live again. She had become a face of the religion that he had lost long ago.

A prose of brokenness and a story that needs to be told of the millions and millions of immigrants that had escaped severe persecution and genocide well before World War II in the country of Russia.

The narration is told by Nel who long ago left her home of Michigan to start her own journey. Her journey has been a running away from the fear of relationships. Running away does catch up with her when she goes back home for her mother Catherine’s funeral. Her father Jakob’s health is fading fast and she is left with some decisions that she was not anticipating. She discovers that her mother was investigating her father’s secret past. What haunts her father that he has such terrifying dreams? What walls has he built up that he is so unwilling to share his past?

Told from present to past, skipping a long time, Jakob tells his story of the horrific time in Russia has his family was brutally murdered and the guilt that he has when he watched from a hiding place his younger sister being taken away. His only surviving brother Peter makes their way to America where they are adopted. Being of Jewish heritage but believing in Christ the Messiah, Peter instills in his brother Jakob to continue to believe in the goodness of the Lord no matter the circumstances.

Nel and her father share the same wall but different circumstances as they learn how only God’s goodness and faithfulness tears down those walls. This compelling read will lead you to tears as we yearn for the Lord to break down our own walls.

A Special Thank you to David C Cook and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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