Cottonmouth and the End by: CS Fritz

Cottonmouth and the EndCottonmouth and the End by C S Fritz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Frederick thought it was over until Menson chucked to himself and, clutching his tail, screeched, “I WILL MAKE YOU FEAR ME!” Then the entire swamp and earth shook with such force that Frederick fell to his knees. As much as Menson would have loved to bring such power, he was not the source of it. For something much stronger was coming.

In the spirit of Chronicles of Narnia comes a tale Frederick given a mission and the power of darkness to stop him from the mission.

You will see parallel to scripture and words that speak loudly to young minds on the power of the Gospel. Tug the King of The Great Blue who appears like the morning sun and banishes all darkness gives Frederick the courage he needs to continue his mission.

Why are we afraid of the darkness? With our antagonist Menson the rat that deceives and preys upon Fredericks fears is revealed in the light. With the promise of seeing his parents, Menson leads Frederick in the darkness. But our great rescuer Tug, like a tug of war, steps in on Frederick’s behalf.

With black and white pictures that are contrasting, the tale unfolds the truth of darkness and light. This tale will bring truths of the gospel that will be like a light suddenly turned on as new discoveries are made.

A special thank you to David C. Cook and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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