The Radical Cross: Living the Passion of Christ by AW Tozer

The Radical Cross: Living the Passion of ChristThe Radical Cross: Living the Passion of Christ by A.W. Tozer

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The witness of the Church is most effective when she declares rather than explains, for the gospel is addressed not to reason but to faith. What can be proved requires no faith to accept. Faith rests upon the character of God, not upon the demonstrations of laboratory or logic. The cross stands in bold opposition to the natural man. Its philosophy runs contrary to the processes of the unregenerate mind, so that Paul could say bluntly that the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness. To try to find a common ground between the message of the cross and man’s fallen reason is to try the impossible, and if persisted in must result an impaired reason, a meaningless cross and powerless Christianity.

Have we lost the meaning of the cross in our personal lives and in the body of believers that is the church? Is it a decoration that adorns our necks? Or does it display something more sinister? The study of the cross is one that is significant. The bible says that it is foolishness to men, but to the Christian it reveals the Character of God and his redemption for mankind. The cross represents death, suffering and the wrath of sin. The resurrection represents all things made new and the victory of death. It is because of the resurrection Christianity is true.

The emphasis of this study on the cross is that we do not conform the cross to our experience and emotions but to conform to the word of God. How do we see Jesus? The manger, the cross and the throne are equally important and each speaks to our salvation and the work of Christ. In every Christian heart there is a cross and throne and we are on the throne until we carry our cross. (kindle location 1002)

What does the cross speak to you? Does the cross slays the sinner or redirects him? Does the cross gear the believer to a better life now or to heavenward? Does the cross breaks the heart of man or is of no significance? The suffering of Jesus on the cross was a correction for mankind that results in healing.

Tozer is dogmatic in his teaching which not popular in today’s culture; however, truth should be dogmatic. Some teaching of Tozer is conflicting to my heart and results a tension; however he is true to the whole character of God and in his delivery does not apologize.

A special Thank you Moody Publishing and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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