Humber Boy by Ruth Dugdall

Humber Boy BHumber Boy B by Ruth Dugdall
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We want right and wrong, good guy and bad. Cowboy and Indian. But life is just a mess.

A prose of why, unanswered questions and how life can be so messed up. Ten year old Noah was killed on the Humbler bridge by his 10 year old friend Ben. Ben was convicted for the murder and eight years later is released to another part of the country.

The narration is told by Ben, his social worker Cate, a Facebook page, and the day of.

Ben is a troubled young man and a troubled boy. A boy that was neglected and unloved by those that should have loved and cared for him. His narration is contemplative without piety or blame. He is looking for answers. Now out of jail for the murder, he is learning what it means to live a normal life; however, the past will not rest and wants him to pay.

Cate is assigned to Ben’s case to assimilate Ben to life after prison. In some ways Ben’s past and Cate’s pasts are similar. Both are in search of answers; however one finds peace and the other turmoil.

Facebook Page is a support page for Jessica, Noah’s mother as she seeks to find Ben and the answers for her son’s murder.

The Day of is all throughout the narration as you get closer to the truth of what happens. You learn that the tragedy could have been avoided by so many people. Who really was responsible for the death of Noah and for the broken life of Ben?

The prose was not redemptive however; it displays how each decision can lead to evil.

A special thank you to Legend Press and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity to post an honest

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