The Secrets of Midwives by: Sally Hepworth

The Secrets of MidwivesThe Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three generations of women that are strong advocates of home birthing that share the joy of what home birthing brings to mothers and their newborns. They share a passion for their gift however; there are secrets that they do not share. Will these secrets destroy all that they have worked for in their careers and their relationships to one another?

The narration is told by all 3 generations. Floss is the grandmother who started being a midwife in London but due to secrecy came to America with her daughter Grace. Hiding her secret she fears that her relationship with her daughter Grace will be compromised. Fear is usually the motivation of hiding our secrets.

Grace is very in control woman. Being a midwife, she is organized and cares for her patients and their needs. However, a misstep has jeopardized her license. She is also concerned about her single daughter that has suddenly appeared 7 months pregnant. How has this escaped her attention? Why is her daughter not sharing any details?

Neva has a secret of her own. Who is the father and why she is keeping it close to her. She calls her mother by her first name even though they have a good relationship, they have their boundaries. When a good friend offers to be the “father” of her baby to help with the awkwardness of others and to help with the burden of doing parenthood alone, what does this mean for their friendship? Can they have more than a friendship? Can they be a family?

What I liked about the book is the advocacy of home-birthing. I know many young mothers that have chosen this and have been happy in their choice. I also like that it does this without looking down on mothers that choose differently. It handles this somewhat sensitive choice with responsibility. The story itself is told very well going back in time and the relationship between the women and their differences and how much they are alike. They have each other’s back but they also can get mad at each other and still be ok with each other.

The characters themselves I really did not feel any connection, however, I appreciated their story.

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