Before I Go

Rating 5 Stars

Cancer is a wicked 6 letter word that can change living in fantasy to quickly living in reality. Before I Go is the journey of Daisy a cancer survivor whose cancer has come back that train wrecks her, her marriage, her dreams, and her friendships. Told in Daisy’s voice, you get the sense of the loneliness, the lack of control that cancer brings to everyone in its tracks. Daisy who is a type a personality, who lives by the list and lives by I can fix it mode suddenly finds she is not living period. Her need to control takes the reader on journey of the anxiety it creates it her life and her journey to accept it. Her marriage to Jack is strong, but is it strong enough as two of them fight their own battles that cancer has waged.

The character development is so good. Daisy goes back to her past with her own family, the death of her father and how her mother coped, you can see how that plays a big part in Daisy’s story. What she discovers about herself and trusting those that care for her the most. It’s a story that will stay with you and give you some understanding of the reality of what war some are waging in fighting cancer.

A special thank you, Gallery Books
and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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